A Side Chick Story

How does it really feel to be a responsible pleasure? I wondered if the facet ever felt jealous of the primary or did she find consolation in being the excitement to another lady’s man. I have many attention-grabbing kinds of pals. A few of my girlfriends are a bit more freethinking than I am within the love division. Some of my associates find nothing incorrect with courting married males or men in dedicated relationships.

Granted, the fictional Olivia Pope is another story. Perhaps it is as my friend Kristen Warner says, the thought of a black woman getting busy with a white POTUS is a lot of a fantasy, folk get caught up in the dream, blame the spouse, and search for ways to justify Olitz’s torrid affair.

She Loves And Hates It

I know ladies who have unknowingly been a aspect chick, myself included. Women who had been sharing a man they thought was completely theirs, or who they believed to not be in an exclusive relationship with another person. I’m a blackgirl, a blackgirl connoisseur of ratchetness, a blackgirl fascinated by media representations of different blackgirls, a blackgirl who cares deeply about the connection between ratchetness, illustration, and lived experience. I in all probability care about how television curates ratchetness as a result of I grew up witnessing different sorts of unconventional romantic relationships and have on occasion discovered myself unwillingly and unwittingly participating in such relationships.

We use language and naming to punish, shame and denigrate black girls who find themselves of their feelings over a man who isn’t in his feelings over her. We have no sympathy for heterosexual black girls who in a dwindling relationship financial system usually tend to be perpetually single than ever married.

Signs You’Re A Side Chick

And while Scandal fans typically applaud the shade he throws his spouse while indulging between the legs of one other woman, it is not quite proper, and he isn’t quite right. Our conversations about accountability have to be higher. While the so-called facet chick phenomenon is nothing new, the language/slang repackages infidelity as something black folk invented, therefore making it more tawdry and scandalous.

  • While I am not condoning the conduct of women who are homewreckers for sport, I am confused about why the conversation is all the time targeted on the so-referred to as sins of women and never the unfaithfulness of males.
  • Granted, the fictional Olivia Pope is one other story.
  • One commentary, for Mary Jane a minimum of, may be that the courting pool for professional black ladies in positions of power usually are not significantly deep .
  • Perhaps it’s as my good friend Kristen Warner says, the thought of a black girl getting busy with a white POTUS is a lot of a fantasy, folks get caught up in the dream, blame the wife, and search for ways to justify Olitz’s torrid affair.

Diary Of A Side Chick

Then having a facet chick meant that i had another person to do everything she did not do. in the moment i assumed it was a wonderful factor. All was good and I had no issues. Then like all relationships issues change.

He Asked His Girlfriend For Permission

When we met I requested him are you going to marry her, he mentioned no and stopped sporting the ring soon after. And looks don’t have a thing illicit encounters app to do with it. I guess I was trying to figure out what our variations are.

illicit encounters

I guess to sum all this up my life could not have been higher. The two women didn’t learn about one another, and since i was happy i did not mind doing things to make them happy. it truly was a win win state of affairs. But like all folks at the peak of a great factor, i never thought it might end.